Pet Health Care for Dogs & Cats

Your pet’s health needs are relatively similar to yours. Your pet needs good food, fresh water, exercise, adequate housing, and lots of love. Regular checkups and lab work, accompanied by vaccinations and age-appropriate medications, will also help maintain your pet’s health.

Mt. Nittany Veterinary Hospital will tailor your pet’s health care regimen to meet your specific needs and lifestyle. We will always consult with you regarding your pet’s health care.

The symptoms that animals exhibit can mean quite a different thing than the symptoms humans exhibit. In this section you will find information regarding animal behavior, symptoms that might be of concern, and other pet health issues. Read the pages that relate to your pet and follow the recommended guidelines.

We encourage you to actively participate in your pet’s care. If your pet is behaving differently than usual, please contact us for an appointment. Mt. Nittany Veterinary Hospital likes to take a proactive approach toward your pet care needs.