Pet Diagnostics & Lab Testing

Diagnostics are crucial areas of veterinary medicine. Evaluating fractures, treating illness, and providing effective surgical care all rely on proper diagnostics to ensure success. At Mt. Nittany Veterinary Hospital, we use only the finest equipment and techniques in the industry to make sure your pet always receives the very best medical care.

Digital Pet X-ray and Ultrasound Imaging

Our state-of-the-art digital imaging services include both X-ray (radiograph) and ultrasound, both producing exceptionally clear digital images for our veterinarians to evaluate almost instantaneously. Because these are digital files, they can also be quickly and easily shared between our staff and veterinary specialists—all with the click of a button.

Veterinary Lab Testing

Mt. Nittany Veterinary Hospital provides extensive diagnostic laboratory support for our patients, including support from IDEXX Veterinary Reference Laboratories for diagnostic blood work, urinalysis, specialized disease testing, cytology, biopsy/histopathology, and specialist review of diagnostic X-rays and ultrasound images. We also offer complete in-house diagnostic testing for more critical patients when immediate results are needed.