Pet Health Certificates for International Travel

If you’re planning to take your pet on the road (or in the air), you may need to provide proof of good health before he or she is allowed to go with you. This will depend completely on your destination, as requirements vary from country to country. For a complete listing of pet health certification requirements by country, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions, please visit the USDA pet health certification page.

Getting Your Pet’s Travel Certificate

Our full-time veterinarians are fully certified to provide both U.S. and international health certificates for traveling with your pet anywhere in the world. We work closely with local and state authorities to help make sure your pet meets all requirements for certified travel, and to help you make sure the appropriate paperwork and documentation is all in order.

Getting your pet’s health certified is as simple as getting him or her an annual wellness exam, albeit with some extra paperwork. If you are planning to take your pet on any long-distance public transportation or are planning international travel with your animal companion, please let us know your certificate needs with as much notice as possible. We will schedule an exam if necessary, and will do all we can to make the certification process easy and efficient.

If you have any questions regarding pet health certification for travel, please contact us.