State-of-the-Art Surgical Care for Cats & Dogs

The dedicated surgery suite at Mt. Nittany Veterinary Hospital is fully equipped to allow for performing a wide variety of surgical procedures using the latest and safest in veterinary technology and techniques.

Our Standard of Veterinary Surgical Care

In order to maximize safety and comfort for every surgery patient, our veterinarians use sevoflurane anesthesia with a complete anesthetic gas scavenging system and full patient monitoring capabilities. This applies to everything from routine spay and neuter procedures to more advanced soft-tissue procedures, including stomach and intestinal surgery, bladder surgery, and a wide variety of surgeries associated with cancer care.

Pet Laser Surgery

We use a surgical laser for a wide variety of other soft tissue procedures, taking advantage of the benefits in certain procedures of using a laser instead of a conventional scalpel.

Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeries

We are capable of performing a wide variety of orthopedic procedures, from fractures and dislocations to more common problems including luxating patellas (kneecaps) and ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL injuries). We are fully equipped and experienced in performing the Tightrope Procedure in larger dogs diagnosed with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. Read more information about the Tightrope Procedure.